Ambe Maa Silver Idol

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The Inspiration:

Durga Devi comes as silver idol and can be worshipped by womenfolk only. The idol is made up of 999 pure silver and is protected by Goddess Parvati. Her complexion is like that of dark moon which is white in color. This idol looks beautiful when kept inside the house. Devotees believe that if they pray to her for long, she will grant them long life. If it is placed over the head of sick person, he/she will recover soon. People worship her before starting their journey and seek her blessing while returning after pilgrimage.. The Silver Shere Wali Mata Idol is a hand-painted and hand-carved collectible. The idol is made of 999  pure silver .

 Product Features

  • A beautiful Idol of Ambe Mata.
  • Handcrafted and hand painted.
  • 999 Pure Silver.
  • A Perfect Idol for your Pooja Place
  • Electroformed
  • Openable Box


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